Turn their passions into your results

The social media landscape has shifted... and not in your favor.

Your fans want to hear from you. They've opted in through page likes and social follows. But your organic social is either heavily regulated by algorithms or forced to compete with hundreds of others for fan attention.

The reality is — by controlling the communication channels, social platforms own the relationships, the data, and the monetization.

Take back your fan base.

PointBurst delivers official mobile apps powered by our proprietary social media monetization technology.

Fans get direct access to all of your content plus some exclusive opportunities. You get to take back ownership of your audience, the data, and the monetization.

Best of all, you are guaranteed profitability. We are so confident in our technology that we'll give it to you for free and only collect money when you do (through revenue sharing)!

Through your new or integrated official mobile app, you will:

Identify and directly connect to your biggest fans

Better engage your existing audience

Reach new audience through their friends

Create new monetization opportunities



Mick Twomey

Co-Founder and CEO

Mick has guided PointBurst from an idea over coffee to the company it is today, creating valuable relationships between clients and their passionate fans. Mick has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to build a company from concept to sale. He has founded, purchased, and exited multiple companies in both brick & mortar and technology spaces. Some of Mick's favorite days begin in the ocean on a surfboard with his kids.

Ian Wolfman

Co-Founder and President

Ian makes camp at the crossroads of ad:tech, brands, and entertainment. He co-founded imc2, which became one of the world's largest independent digital agencies; working with P&G, Pizza Hut, Samsung, Nestle, and more. Ian has been featured in AdAge, Media Post, Huffington Post, and Forrester Research. He serves on several boards including HootSuite.

Advisory Board

Frederick Townes

Co-Founder, Mashable, Founder, Placester, Inc.

Steve Minichini

CEO, AboveNation Media

Bob Garfield

Editor-at-Large, MediaPost

David Zaretsky

Founder and CEO of Snips Media

Rex Briggs

CEO, Marketing Evolution, Best Selling Author

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